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Windproof Ashtray

Windproof Ashtray

$ 14.95

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Windproof Table-Top Ashtray.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Windproof Ashtrays – perfect for butting out on your boat.

Is it 'a breeze' emptying your table ashtrays?

An unforeseen effect of banning smoking inside restaurants, cafes & pubs etc was that all smokers were forced outside. Additionally, the growing popularity of outdoor – curbside – courtyard dining has exacerbated the problem of cigarette butt litter.

The simple fact is that ‘open’ ashtrays that worked reasonably well indoors are totally useless outside due to their exposure to the wind. That's why millions of butts emanating from outdoor / footpath / curbside tables - and hotel room balconies - are ending up in our gutters, parks, water catchment areas, bays, harbours and beaches.

But this insidious problem is completely preventable when the appropriate windproof ashtrays are utilized.



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