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Luminara Wax Flicker Candle 4 x 9" Ivory

Luminara Candle 4 x 9

$ 79.95

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Luminara Wax Flicker LED Candle - 4" x 9" - Ivory


High quality flameless candle with timer function, providing the ambience of a real candle without the worry of a real flame.


Timer function enables you to set your candle to the timer to turn on for 5 hours at the same time every day.

Features include:

  • approximate lifespan of 4,000 hours
  • vanilla scented
  • patented, flame effect technology
  • realistic scented wax candle base
  • safe, cost-effective lighting solution that can be used almost anywhere
  • great for the boat, home, patio, garden, studio restaurant or storefront.
  • powered by two D batteries lasting approximately 500 hours
  • an internal LED source which shines through a prism onto a "flame"
  • timer function: set your candle to timer and it will turn on for 5 hours at the same time every day.

Requires 2 x D batteries, not included.

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