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Gullsweep Retainer Kit

GSRK Gullsweep Retainer Kit

$ 19.00

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Imported and Distributed throughout Australia by Marine Solutions, the innovative Gullsweep® bird scarer is a cost-effective and convenient means of ridding your boat of sea birds and their messy deposits!

The unobtrusive and effective Gullsweep® acts as a deterrent which makes gulls uncomfortable enough to select another roosting site. As birds are always alert to their predators, Gullsweep® creates an unknown fear that the moving object represents a potential danger, and so, unwelcome airborne guests move on to settle (and soil) elsewhere. The unit deters all marine birds, eliminates cleaning time and unsightly stains, and simply makes the boating experience more enjoyable. The Gullsweep® is very easy to install, doesn’t require onboard power, works while you’re away, and folds in half and stows away quickly when you want to get underway.

Fishing/boating/media identity Rex Hunt is one of many satisfied Marine Solutions customers to use Gullsweep®. In the time he has had them installed on his boat he has been more than satisfied with the results. “Gullsweep has reduced my seagull droppings problem by 90%... now combined with artificial snakes on the deck my problem is minimal,” he said.

The Gullsweep® sweeps a full 1.8m (6’) diameter and intimidates birds with each movement. Depending on the size of the vessel, a second or third unit may be required for full boat coverage.

  • Deters all marine birds
  • Eliminates cleaning time and unsightly stains
  • Makes your boating more enjoyable
  • Easy to install (2 screws) or quick non-permanent mountings available
  • Folds in half and stows away quickly
  • Doesn't require any on board power
  • Works while you are away
  • Sweeps a full 6' diameter and intimidates birds with movement
  • You may consider a second or third unit for full boat coverage
  • Do not run boat with Gullsweep in place
  • To stow away, simply fold in half and snap vanes on top of support rods



Retainer Kit - GSRK

For those applications when a Gullsweep® could fall off of a non permanent mounting — i.e., GS-FM pulled from a canopy might turn sideways and the Gullsweep® could slide off the center mounting pin and go over board. Unfortunately, Gullsweeps® do not float.

Simple to install and will take the worry out of the situation.
Model GS-RK is made up of 4 pieces; SS Bracket, Shrink Tube, Grommet and O-ring.

  1. Slide shrink tubing over lower portion of center hub. Then, insert straight section of stainless steel bracket between hub and shrink tubing so bend is just above bottom of hub. Apply heat from a hair dryer while turning to shrink tubing tight to hub and bracket. Let cool. (A candle can also be used but do not over heat or let flame touch hub or shrink tube).
  2. Next, push Grommet over center support pin, Wide end first down to 3" from the tip (pointed end). Then slide o-ring to top of grommet to further secure.
  3. Slide Hub onto pin and gently pull SS bracket over grommet. Adjust grommet and o-ring position so there Is 1/8” or more clearance above and below grommet. Hub and SS bracket must not touch center pin or retaining ring.

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