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LED Underwater Lights

LED Underwater Lights

$ 799.00

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High Intensity Underwater LED lighting

The ultimate addition to any boat big or small, these bright underwater LED lights will help light up the night and turn your boat into an eye catcher.

With installation as easy as passing a 5mm wire through the hull and then 4 surface mount screws along with marine grade sealant to seal screw holes and wire entry hole, these machine billeted units are completely waterproof and submersible.

Unlike most underwater lights these can be mounted 2 different ways.

The first option is to mount the light to the transom with the wire passing through the transom behind the unit itself and supported by the above method.

The second option allows you to mount the light onto the transom and then run the wire up into an already existing hole running through the transom that is above the waterline, these are usually covered by a “clam shell”, alternatively if you don’t have an existing hole you can put a new hole through the transom well above the waterline and thru the transom and mount using the above method.

- 36 watts

- 12 x 3 watt LED lights

- Drawing 3 amps

- Machine Billeted 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

- Bright Blue

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